Special conditions of renting apartments no. 31 and 33 in Kołobrzeg at Jagiellońska 11

I.General provisions
These Regulations specify the conditions under which you can book and rent accommodation in private apartments MARiELA in Kołobrzeg, at Jagiellońska 11. The contract between the Customer and the Apartment Owner is concluded at the time of booking online or over the phone.Apartment Owner will be very grateful for complying with these regulations, which is to ensure peace and security of all our guests.

To make a reservation, please contact over the phone between 8.00 and 22.00 at +48 662 372 400, e-mail: mariela.kolobrzeg@gmail.com, or via Booking.com.The data to be provided are: personal data, date of stay, date of arrival and departure, contact details, number of people in the apartment and time of arrival.Booking confirmation from the customer is tantamount to submitting an offer to conclude an apartment rental contract.Booking confirmation on the owner’s park means acceptance of the offer and results in the conclusion of the apartment rental contract.

III.Rental terms
The contract concluded between the Apartment Owner and the Customer covers only the rental of the apartment. The rental price includes utilities (electricity, water, WiFi, heating during the heating season). The hotel day starts at 16:00 and ends at 10:00 the next day. Check-in takes place from 16.00 to 22.00. Leaving the apartment by the Customer on the last day of stay should take place up to 10:00. Handing over the keys and taking over the apartment always takes place in the apartment after prior notification by the Customer and agreeing time of receipt. It is possible to set individual arrival and departure times (if available). If it is impossible to arrive in the previously agreed time, the Customer is obliged to immediately notify the Apartment Owner over the phone. In the absence of contact with the Customer, the Apartment Owner reserves the right to cancel the reservation. The procedure of handing over the keys on arrival requires the guest to show photo ID. The Customer is obliged to pay the amount from the booking confirmation even if, for reasons beyond the control of the Apartment Owner, arrival or stay is delayed or shortened (communication difficulties, personal reasons). The customer is obliged to immediately notify the owner of any events that may cause the damage to Apartment Owner. Customer may use the apartment only for residential purposes and may not sublease. The apartment is subject to quiet hours between 22:00 and 6:00 the next day. Without the prior written consent of the Apartment Owner, photos and videos taken in the apartment, where the equipment of the apartment is visible, cannot be made publicly available. This prohibition applies in particular to posting photos or videos online and social networking sites. The Apartment Owner is not obliged to refund the money for the unused period of stay.

IV.Apartment Owner’s obligations
It is not allowed to have bigger amount of people stayingin the apartment, than reported in the booking process. Visitors who are not registered may stay in the apartment from 7:00 to 22:00. The Customer is obliged to keep the principles of good neighborliness and to keep the apartment in its original condition. The Customer is financially responsible for any damage or destruction of items of equipment and technical devices arising from his fault, or the fault of people staying in the apartment rented by the Customer during the term of the apartment rental contract. In the event of damage, immediately after finding it, the Customer should notify the Apartment Owner. The Customer is responsible for the keys to the apartment, and if lost – is obliged to cover the costs of buying and installing a new lock or burglar insert in the amount of 300 PLN. The apartment is strictly non-smoking. For fire safety reasons, it is forbidden to use in the apartments electrical equipment which is not part of apartment equipment (except for computers, razors, hair dryers and mobile phone chargers), as well as  use open fire in the form of e.g. a barbecue.

V.Changes in the booking
Extension of stay: the period of stay in a given apartment can be extended if it is available, it should be notified by e-mail or telephone. No Customer’s arrival or contact on the agreed day of arrival results in the apartment being released for re-booking the next day. We reserve the right to withdraw from the contract, in case of objective reasons (force majeure) the apartment does not meet the requirement of usability. If the reservation was prepaid, the reservation costs will be refunded, or exchanged for another apartment, if available.

VI.Transfer of client rights and obligations to another person
At any time, the Customer may transfer all the rights arising from the reservation to another person, if at the same time the person assumes all the obligations resulting from the reservation. In this situation, the Owner should be immediately notified of the change of booking, providing personal details of the person who takes over the rights and obligations under the contract.

Animals are not allowed in the apartment.

VIII.Final provisions
Possible personal items left in the apartments by our guests will be sent to the address they specify, at their expense. An integral part of the regulations is the description of the apartment equipment.

IX. Applicable law
The law applicable to disputes between the Owner and the Customer is Polish law. Disputes will be settled by the court competent for the owner’s base. 


We wish you a pleasant stay.